Rainier prep

I’m not sure where this idea is coming from, yet, but Rainier Beach Prep charter school in the Highline School District is anticipating state funding from the state of Washington to reimburse their expenses as they move forward as a charter school.

It’s apparent that OSPI is doing everything they can to keep charter schools open in our state and ensure their funding, see  The Mary Walker School District rescinds their request for charter schools in the Seattle Public School District and  The charter school shell game in Washington State: Money laundering at its best (or worst?) by way of OSPI, and this appears to be the proof.

To follow are board meeting minutes from a Rainier Prep charter school board meeting in October of 2015, one month after the Supreme Court decided that charter schools are unconstitutional in the state of Washington.

Rainier Prep Regular Board Meeting Minutes October 14, 2015 at 6:30pm

10211 12th Ave S Seattle, WA 98168


Andy Jassy, Chair Max Silverman, Vice-Chair Joan Hsiao, Treasurer Lynn Engel, Secretary

Location: 10211 S. 12th Ave., Seattle, WA

In Attendance:

Board members

Andy Jassy, Max Silverman, Bob Kimball, Peter Orser, Joan Hsiao and Lynn Engel.


Maggie O’Sullivan and Nicole O’Rourke.

Counsel for Rainier Prep, Ralph Palumbo.

Washington State Charter Commission employees Joshua Halsey and Colin Pippin-Timco.

Meeting Called to Order:

Mr. Jassy called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm. Mr. Jassy presented the agenda, which was approved by the Board. Minutes for September 10, 2015 meeting: The draft minutes for the September 10, 2015 board meeting were reviewed. Mr. Orser moved to approve the minutes; Ms. Hsiao seconded; the Board unanimously approved.

School Leader Report: Ms. O’Sullivan reported on the mission specific school goal with respect to reading, i.e. 1.5 to 2 years of growth in a year. She reported on the early data that has been collected and will be used to measure growth. Specifically, she reported that for the 5th grade, 27% of the students are at K-2nd grade reading level; 37% are at 3rd-4th grade level; 20% are at 5th grade level; and 16% are above grade level, including some students at 10th-12th grade level. For 6th grade, Ms. O’Sullivan reported 22% of the students are at 1st-3rd grade level; 43% are at 4th-5th grade level; 21% are at 6th grade level; and 14% are above grade level. At the lowest reading level for both 5th and 6th grade, almost all students are ESL students. Given this early data, and the school growth goal, additional reading resources up to an additional full time position may be necessary. Ms. O’Sullivan reported on current enrollment data. Fifth grade is two students short of the 81 total student enrollment goal. Sixth grade is five students over the 81 total student enrollment goal. The primary reason for student turnover has been transportation issues. The attendance goal is 95%. Currently, the attendance is 95.13%. The primary reasons for missing school have been illness, holidays and transportation issues. Ms. O’Sullivan reported that the students are doing well and that the teachers have been terrific. Ms. O’Sullivan noted that she has been particularly impressed with the dedication and stability of the staff.

Statement Regarding Reimbursement of Public Funds:

Ms. Hsiao noted the following required State Auditor statement regarding reimbursement of public funds: Rainier Prep’s Board of Directors acknowledges that in the course of Rainier Prep’s operations, certain federal, state, and local funds will be paid as reimbursements of already expended funds. Privately-raised, non-public funds will be expended initially for expenditures eligible for public fund reimbursement; privately-raised, non-public funds will be transferred to Rainier Prep’s public funds bank account to fund these expenses initially. When public funds (federal, state, or local) are received in reimbursement, these reimbursements may be transferred in amounts equal to the eligible expenditures into Rainier Prep’s private funds account. Once transferred into the private funds account, the reimbursed amounts will be considered private funds. Mr. Kimball moved to adopt the foregoing statement and have it included in the board meeting minutes. Mr. Orser seconded. Unanimously approved.

Proposed 2016 Board Meeting Dates: Ms. O’Sullivan presented proposed board meeting dates for 2016. Board members will each review and communicate any known conflicts to Ms. O’Sullivan. Finance Committee: EdTec presented current financial information. Spending is on track. Cash flow reflects recent receipt of state funds. No areas of concern noted.

Governance Committee: No new report.

Real Estate Committee: Mr. Orser noted that soon we will need to start longer term facility plans.

Executive Session: Mr. Halsey and Mr. Pippin-Timco excused themselves.

The Board entered into Executive Session at approximately 7:35 pm and reconvened the public session at 8:25pm.

Meeting Adjourned: Mr. Jassy adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.

So these folks are going on running their charter school as if nothing has happened.

Dora Taylor