Does the Education Platform of the Washington State Democrats Mean Anything to Our Legislators?


During the busy holiday season, The Spokesman Review ran an article about a newly formed PAC called Act Now for Washington Students.

The goal of this group is to sway legislators into taking “heroic” measures to keep charter schools open – even though these schools have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

The Washington State Charter Schools Association has formed a political action committee in hopes of influencing charter school legislation. The Act Now for Washington Students PAC, has given more than $20,000 to campaign accounts.

“We commend these leaders for refusing to bow to political pressure and instead stand up for children in our state. The reality is that the future of these public schools remain in limbo. Our legislators must act to keep doors open,” said Washington Charters CEO Thomas Franta in a news release.

I wonder what political pressure the Washington State Charter Schools Association CEO Thomas Franta is referring t0?

Could it be the platform for the Washington State Democrats, which specifically opposes charter schools and the privatization of public education?

According to the list released by the Spokesman Review, the following 12 Washington State Democrats took money from Act Now for Washington Students.

Eric Pettigrew   D-Renton

Larry Springer  D-Kirkland

Judy Clibborn  D-Mercer Island

David Sawyer  D-Lakewood

Mia Gregerson  D-SeaTac

Tana Senn  D-Mercer Island

Kristine Lytton  D-Anacortes

Mark Mullet  D-Issaquah

Steve Hobbs  D-Lake Stevens

Jim Hargrove  D-Hoquiam

Andy Billig  D-Spokane

Christine Rolfes  D-Bainbridge Island

Democrats: if your legislator is on this list, please contact your fellow party members and share your thoughts on their willingness to go against the Democratic Platform.

Republicans: if your legislator is on this list, consider contacting them as well. In politics, actions are everything. If your legislator feels comfortable misrepresenting their party, what other things are they willing to compromise in order to get campaign contributions?

Contacting your legislator is easy. You can leave a short message using the in-state toll-free Hotline number 800.562.6000. If letter writing is more your style, send an email via the legislator e-mail services at


-Carolyn Leith

CORRECTION: Despite the report in the Spokesman Review, the PDC has no report of Mia Gregerson receiving money from Wa Charter PAC.  We regret this error. -C.L.



  1. According to the Spokane Review, the pro charter pac called Act Now for Washington Students, is expected to raise $500K.

    The amount of dollars spent to promote privatization of public education has been staggering. Getting tired of PACs trying to buy a vote on an unconstitutional initiative, which will likely face further legal challenges.

      1. Oh yes. Yes I can imagine it. I can imagine all sorts of things that money could be used for, if it wasn’t instead being used simply to buy the rights to future income streams from the taxpayers pockets. If anyone thinks Ed Reform is about anything other than money and private profits, then Bridge Sale, Today! Get them before they’re gone!

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