Thank you

thank you2

Early on, when we first found out about Goodloe-Johnson and the Broad Foundation in Seattle and how they were infecting our school system, my colleagues and I would talk about all the bad things that were happening to our schools and students. Inevitably I would perk up and say there was one good thing that came out of all of it and it was the friendships that we had forged.

I would not know all the people I know today if it were not for the corporate reform movement that eventually touched us in Seattle.

I have close bonds with people in Seattle and beyond that I am grateful for and appreciate. I work with people everyday who I admire and respect from all walks of life and for that my life has been enriched.

So thank you Eli Broad and Bill Gates for one thing, you have brought many good people together to fight for public education and our children.

Dora Taylor

5 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Thanks for your work and for shedding light on Seattle’s astro-turf organizations. Seattle would be a different place without you!

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