2016 United Opt Out Conference: Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution


United Opt Out National Conference

Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Philadelphia, PA

 Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution

It is time for revolution.  

It is time for non-negotiable demands.

It is time to reclaim our public schools and demand all for all children.

Join us in Philly as we dialogue with an incredible group of revolutionary leaders who will help the Opt Out movement, the people’s movement, to craft a revolution that will tear down the test and punish system and help reshape our country, our communities, and our public schools so that equity and true democratic thinking becomes our reality.

February 26, Friday Evening Keynote
Stephen Krashen
February 27, Saturday Morning Keynote
Chris Hedges
February 27, Saturday Afternoon Keynote
Antonia Darder
February 28, Sunday Morning Keynote
Mercedes Martinez 
February 28, Sunday Afternoon Keynote
Bill Ayers 


Book Talk with Ricardo Rosa: Capitalism’s Educational Catastrophe: And the Advancing Endgame Revolt!

Community Empowerment

Student Activism

Opt Out 101

Black Lives Matter

Teachers of Professional Conscience

Media and Messaging

Our Demands: What’s Next?

More TBD soon!


Global Privatization “and the Advancing Endgame Revolt”

Civil Rights: Reclaiming the Narrative

For more information, go to eventbrite.


One thought on “2016 United Opt Out Conference: Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution

  1. The testing mania is a complete disaster and is one cog in the play to privatize the public education system.

    It’s a tragedy the way public education is being hacked to bits and it’s why I’m making a film that tells the truth about the corporate takeover from the teachers, students and parents view.

    We have put together several trailers and if you would like to learn more about us and the project go to http://www.busyboyproductions.com/movies-tv/corporatized-documentary

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