Educators for Sawant!
Rally & Fundraiser
Saturday, Oct. 24; 5:30-7:30 PM
Labor Temple – 2800 1st Ave, Seattle

Next steps in the fight for high quality education.

In the aftermath of September’s historic teacher strike, let’s continue forward with this momentum to fight back against the corporate domination of education. Join us in building for Kshama’s re-election at this rally & fundraiser!

• Kshama Sawant along with re-election staff and volunteers marched with educators on daily picket lines.

• Organized a large community meeting inside City Council Chambers to build support for the strike.

• Led the way to a unanimous vote to make September 14th – 18th “Seattle Educator’s Week” in recognition and support of the Seattle Education Association whose members went on strike t win historic victories.

• Kshama’s re-election staff and volunteers knocked on doors and hung up posters to build community support for the strike.

• Kshama used her Solidarity Fund to donate to the Teacher Strike Fund twice.


Andy Russell: 4th grade teacher at Dearborn Park International School, member of Social Equality Educators,  board member of the Seattle Education Association and on the bargaining team. He held steadfast against teachers being evaluated based on test scores.

Alonzo Ybarra: 18 Year Seattle Middle College teacher and activist

Dustin Washington: Director of Seattle Freedom School

Kshama Sawant: Member of the American Federation of Teachers Local 1789 and taught at the Seattle Central Community College before being elected in 2013.