A busy second day of the Seattle teachers’ strike


Teachers, parents and students were out on the picket line on day 2 of the Seattle Teachers Association (SEA) teachers’ strike

One parent told me that yesterday morning when she was with the teachers at her daughter’s elementary school, three parents came by in the course of three hours to make sure the teachers had enough water and food.

Because images can say more than any words I can write, to follow are photo’s sent to Seattle Education yesterday and this morning of Day 2 of the Seattle teachers’ strike.

Roosevelt High School students made 200+ brown bag sandwiches for their picketing educators. With food to spare, they ended up visiting 10 schools.
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Coe Elementary
Franklin High School
Franklin High School
Sanislo Ele
Students with their teachers at Sanislo Elementary School.

Yesterday evening was a rally in support of the teachers in the City Council Chambers at Seattle City Hall. The room was overflowing.

Teachers, parents and students spoke. Teachers talked about why they were on strike and parents and students spoke in support of the teachers.

Also yesterday, Wayne Au, PhD, one of the Plaintiff’s in the Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of charter schools in Washington State, had an article published in the Washington post titled A Perfect Storm in Washington State.

It was a busy day in the world of education.

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