Northwest Teaching for Social Justice
8th Annual Conference

October 17, 2015
Keynote: David Stovall
“We Still Need to Trouble the Water:
Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Quality Education”
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Chief Sealth High School, Seattle

Sample Workshops:
Slam! Finding Lost Voices
A Human Face on War: Poetry and Art
My Baby Rides the Short Bus
Prison Labor Cycle: Players in a System
Building an Opt-Out Movement in Your Community
How Will We Feed the World? A Workshop on La Via Campesina
Femicides: An Activism Poetry Lesson About Gender Crimes in Ciudad Juárez
Real Hope for American Youth Without Papers
Black Students’ Lives Matter
Educating Activist Allies
Hashtag Essay Writing

OVER 60 Workshops in three different sessions!

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Lunch included. $30.00, $5.00 students
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No one will be turned away for inability to pay; please let us know in advance if you need assistance.

Hosted by: Puget Sound Rethinking Schools, Portland Area Rethinking Schools, Social Equality Educators, Oregon Writing Project at Lewis & Clark College, and Rethinking Schools magazine

Post Script:

Jesse Hagopian, Wayne Au and I will be hosting a workshop “Testing Resistance: Where We Are Now and Moving Forward: A Discussion” and “Education Activism: Where do we go from here?”.

Dora Taylor