The Seattle Education Association has voted to go on strike


With an 85% yes vote today, Seattle educators have voted to join the wave of one day strikes in Washington State over the legislature’s failure to fund education. The strike will be on Tuesday, May 19.

Snohomish, Lake Stevens and Franklin Pierce teachers in Washington State will strike on May 8, according to the Washington Education Association. On Wednesday, nearly 3,000 teachers in the Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts are also walking out.

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Submitted by Dora Taylor


  1. I really, really appreciate that our teachers are willing to take a stand for this! Yet I am so confused about the strike action. Their contract is so clear that they are not allowed to strike, and that the union is not allowed to encourage a work stopage. Since they are still working under a valid contract, are we absolutely sure that’s the action that was voted on?

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