This just in: The Seattle Education Association membership representatives voted to support a one day walkout

April 20th, 7:40 PM The Seattle Education Association just voted overwhelmingly to move forward with a one day walkout to make a statement about the the lack of state funding on education, joining many other state locals. More to come in later posts.

Jesse Hagopian among others voting for the walkout.

Update: The union representatives will go back to their schools to discuss a date and it will come to the board for a final decision on a date, probably in May.

There will be organized parent and parental support by Parents Across America, Seattle and other groups. Stay tuned for details in the coming days.

Update April 21, 2015: The SEA leadership, led by Jonathan Knapp, contacted Melissa over at the Seattle Save Our Schools blog to let her know that there will not be a strike until the board votes on it. The word I received is that there is enough momentum to bear on the board to vote for a strike.

Submitted by Dora Taylor


  1. whodathunkit? About time indeed. an ex colleague sued the state when he was in HS 30 yrs ago on just this failure of their paramount duty as legislators. Long live Brian Lindquist. The best president we never had.

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