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This world has gone completely upside down.

The following was originally posted on the Seattle Schools Community Forum.

From the North Beacon Hill Council:

Dearborn Park Elementary desperately needs school supplies. Please share what you can.

The post below has been shared on multiple Beacon Hill group lists.

“This school is in DIRE need of school supplies in order to save funding for a counselor position. Dearborn has 89.5% Free and Reduced Priced Lunch qualified students this year, which seriously limits the ability of the families to contribute school supplies. Within a couple of weeks, some of these critical supplies will have dwindled to nothing.
If you have any extras laying around, maybe something from a Costco pack, or have the means to contribute, would you consider doing so? I am willing to collect from any of you personally and deliver them to the school.

If you or a group you know of might want to contribute money, that can be done as well with the proceeds going 100% to cover school supplies. Contact me and I can give you information on how to do that.


“We had a staff meeting this morning to go over options to how we can save the other half of our counselor’s position. We will be moving all of our discretionary funds for the rest of this year allotted for supplies, reimbursements, or field trip buses to go to next year’s budget to fund Ms. Kate’s full-time position.

That would mean the school will have to tightened our belts and limit copying, buying items for classroom or school and finding other sources for the field trip buses.

We still have 7 more weeks of school and may have to ask our families and community partners to provide reams of paper, glue sticks per class, pencils, cap erasers, pink block erasers, boxes of tissue, hand sanitizer for classrooms and cafeteria, staples, post it notes, dry erase markers per class, snacks/water, mouse pads, and 4 full size keyboards for computer lab for our SBAC testing.”

Nelrica Mosqueda
School Relations Coordinator
Dearborn Park International School

Here is their Amazon Wishlist.

Just remember, our state legislators are in contempt of court per the State Supreme Court. They have not lived up to their Paramount Duty to adequately fund our public schools and yet they continue to pass laws that require millions of dollars in funding.

Dora Taylor