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Seattle Education along with Opt Out Seattle and Seattle Equality Educators are compiling stories of experiences teachers have in administering the SBAC, students taking the SBAC and parents observation’s of their children taking the tests or what you have seen and/or heard at your student’s school.

All of the information is anonymous unless you want your name attached to a comment.

You can submit it anonymously but it will be helpful to know the school. If you’re not comfortable associating the comment with a school, that’s fine.

We are looking for personal stories as well as information on:

• Technology: What were the glitches that created problems administering the tests. We have heard of computers crashing and scores lost because of the glitches at several schools.
• The impact of loss of library and computer lab time.
• Lost instructional time.  Many schools are reporting the test is taking much longer than they thought it would take.
• The age and developmental inappropriateness of the test.
• Accommodations or lack thereof for SPED and ELL students.
• The emotional impact on ELL and IEP students.

All information will be compiled and presented to the Seattle School Board, State Superintendent Randy Dorn, our state legislators and the State Board of Education.

You can leave comments here, message them or post them at Seattle Opt Out Facebook page or send them to me at

This is one of many ways for our voices to be heard.

Dora Taylor