Basta Ya! A video about opting out in Spanish. Please share.


Padres en Nueva York se unen a un movimiento nacional que rechaza los exámenes estandarizados bajo el nuevo estándar académico conocido como Common Core.



For more information, go to Opt Out en Espanol National Facebook page.

Dora Taylor


  1. Hello! We have a complimentary Opt Out Card in Espanol! Created by a few folks in California (Laura Jones, Sandra M Smith, and Celena Mena). A more “national version” is out soon and will be posted on the Opt Out En Espanol – National facebook page. In the mean time visit our facebook page Concerned Parents and Educators of the East Bay to find the card in Spanish. Or, you can go to Californians Against Common Core facebook page and find the En Espanol Card. The files section will have information to print fliers, or you can print a post card version via a printer of your choice. THANKS!

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