Senators Maralyn Chase and Pam Roach will lead a conference today targeting Common Core Standards

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Senators Maralyn Chase (D) and Senator President Pro Tem Pam Roach (R) will lead a bipartisan press conference Thursday afternoon followed by an exposé of the Common Core educational standards adopted by the Legislature in 2011.

The senators will meet with reporters at 4:00 p.m. in Senate Hearing Room 3 at the Capitol prior to a discussion that is scheduled to last until 6 p.m. and will include participants from the local, state and federal levels.

“Our state’s Democratic and Republican parties have rejected Common Core as being bad for kids,” said Roach, R-rural Auburn. “Someone has to stand up for the students.”

“Common Core is uniting liberals and conservatives like no issue I have seen. Our conference Thursday is about building momentum toward a legislative repeal of Common Core in 2016,” said Chase, D-Shoreline.

Chase and Roach are the lead sponsors of Senate Bill 6030, introduced Feb. 18, which would have the state withdraw from Common Core standards and return to the Essential Academic Learning Requirements that preceded Common Core.

Following the press conference, there will be a panel discussion on the Common Core Standards, the SBAC, high stakes testing and opting out followed by testimony from teachers, parents and concerned citizens around the state.

To follow are the panel participants:

Moderator: Dora Taylor, League of Women Voters Education Committee and President, Parents Across America

Diane Ravitch, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, under President H.W. Bush and National Assessment Advisory Board, under President Bill Clinton; historian of education, and educational policy analyst

Rashelle Holland, Parent, award-winning National Board Certified educator, teaching coach and professional development trainer

Karen Larsen, Concerned mother, administrator of the WA State Against Common Core Facebook network that has a membership of over 3,000

Wayne Au, Associate Professor of Education, UW-Bothell

J.R. Wilson, Parent, citizen, taxpayer, voter, educator, past executive committee member of Where’s the Math?, and Truth in American Education co-founder

Doug Edelstein, Teacher, Nathan Hale High School, Seattle

Sharon Hanek, Education watchdog, researcher, and local/national presenter on education issues

Director Sue Peters, Seattle School Board

This program will be taped and shown at a later date.
Dora Taylor


2 thoughts on “Senators Maralyn Chase and Pam Roach will lead a conference today targeting Common Core Standards

  1. WHO DECIDED TO MONETIZE THE PUBLIC EDUCATION? Who determined that the federal government should promote privatization and neglect public education? Who decided that the federal government should watch in silence as school segregation resumed and grew? Who decided that schools should invest in Common Core instead of smaller classes and school nurses? Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Coup

    QUOTE: Common Core that advocates repeated testing will not improve the students’ knowledge anymore then a person repeated weighting themselves will lose weight.

  2. Wow. I wish I could have attended this event. I look forward to seeing the recording. I am proud of Marilyn Chase. She was my senator for several years when I lived in WA. At a town hall meeting, I handed her a copy of a Diane Ravitch book asking her to read it. She said she already had read it. I told her to keep the book and share it with a colleague. When I lived in WA, my home was redistricted three times. Senator Chase was my second senator. I was sorely disappointed to learn that the dude who was my third and final senator due to the most recent redistricting was one of the senators who passed a bill out of the senate that would use standardized test scores to evaluate teachers. I am glad to see that Marilyn is standing up for our young people in the face of the Common Core and SBAC.

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