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Testing resistance around the country, now a national movement: A state-by-state update

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From Fair Test with additions made in italics:

Testing Resistance & Reform News

As the peak of spring standardized exam season nears, parents, students, teachers, superintendents, school board members, and state officials are escalating campaigns to stop testing overuse and misuse.  Once again this week, testing resistance and reform stories come from more than half the 50 states demonstrating the breadth and depth of the national movement.

Parents Frustrated by PARCC Test Confusion

Suspends Use of Test Scores to Evaluate School Quality
California Families Exercise Legal Right to Opt Their Children Out of Standardized Tests

Students Explain Protest Movements

Colorado State School Board Rejects High “Cut Scores” on Controversial New Test

Connecticut Teachers Propose State Testing Overhaul
Connecticut Superintendents Offer Alternative Assessment Vision

Delaware Governor Planning Review of All State Testing
Opt Outs Spread as Delaware Testing Begins

Florida Testing Fails Every Educational Standard
Chaotic Florida Testing Rollout Frustrates Parents and Officials

Georgia Test Cheating Trial Final Arguments Begin

Idaho Teachers Push Back Against Plan to Blame Them for Low Student Scores


March 18, 2015

Suburban high school students opt out of the PARCC test

Hundreds of students have declined to take the controversial PARCC exam at two northwest suburban high schools, multiple sources said.

At Rolling Meadows High School, less than three dozen students out of more than 400 members of the junior class sat for the test Thursday, according to several people from the school, including students and school officials.

At Arlington Heights‘ John Hersey High School, also part of Township High School District 214, a significant number of students also declined to take the exam, said Dan Petro, a school board member and Hersey parent.

District spokeswoman Jennifer Delgado could not say how many students opted out of the test. But she said a “large amount” of students at Rolling Meadows High did not take the exam, the most within the district’s six high schools.

Parents Seek PARCC Opt-Out Legislation
Illinois PARCC Testing Begins With Pushback, Confusion
The Battle Over Standardized Testing in Chicago

Indiana Student Testing Protests Applauded
Indiana School Super Blasts Plan to Award $134 Million in Testing Contracts Primarily to Pearson

Testing Coordinators Concerned About PARCC Exam Security
Billboard Promotes Louisiana Opt Out

Maine Opt-Outs Send Strong Message to Schools
Standardized Testing is the Problem, Not Right to Opt Out

Maryland Letter to the Editor: No Law Requires Child to Take Standardized Test
Some Maryland Students Start Opting Out of Tests

Massachusetts Governor Promises Review of State Plan to Move to PARCC Tests
Beyond MCAS and PARCC: Sat. March 21 Conference on Alternative Assessments That Work

Minnesota Schools Have Too Much Testing
Opt Out Push Urges Minnesota Families to Buck Standardized Tests

Parents Protest PARCC; Tell Kids to Skip Tests
Mississippi Seeks New Testing Vendor

New Jersey
Families Lead Opt-Out Movement
Test Refusals Higher Than Expected in Many New Jersey Communities

New Mexico
Schools Elevate Testing Over Teaching
More Than 5% Opt Out at Several Santa Fe Schools

New York Opt-Out Rally Draws 1,000+
New York Teachers Union Backs Opt Out Right
Where a Teacher’s Job Depends on Students’ Test Scores

North Dakota

Operation Opt Out

Ohio Testing Protest Stories Dominate Education News
Ohio Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Students From Testing Impact

Oklahoma Educators Launch “Common Sense Testing Tour”

Bills to Determine Fate of Statewide Exams
Oregon Students Need Less Testing, Better Education

Officials Worry About Scheduling Project-Based Assessments
English Language Learners Fuel Philadelphia Opt-Out Movement
New Analysis Questions Pennsylvania School Performance Rating Systems

Rhode Island Bill Would Allow Students to Opt Out of Tests Without Penalty
Students Protest Dismissal of Test-Critic Teachers

South Dakota Common Core Exams Test Schools’ Technical Readiness

Texas A-F School Grades Flunked by Public Education Advocates

Wisconsin Cuts Back Length of New Common Core Test
Wisconsin Legislature Fast-Tracking Bill to Pause Use of Test Scores to Judge Teachers and Schools

Six Questions for Arne Duncan About Teacher Evaluation

4 comments on “Testing resistance around the country, now a national movement: A state-by-state update

  1. ND Mom
    March 19, 2015

    You can also add North Dakota to your list: .

  2. Sarah
    March 19, 2015

    I’ve been wanting a comprehensive list. Thank you.

    • seattleducation2010
      March 19, 2015


      There is so much going on in terms of resistance to the Common Core Standards and testing that is hard to keep up.

      Keep checking this site as well as the Fair Test site and United Opt Out. United Opt Out has a map and is requesting folks to let them know where resistance is occurring,

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