SBAC resistance in Washington State is growing



From the Mukilteo Education Association at Mariner High School in Everett, Washington, north of Seattle, and part of the Mukilteo School District:


WHEREAS, the motto of Mariner High School is to “provide an excellent education to every student;” and

WHEREAS, the Smarter Balanced Assessment is not required for graduation; and

WHEREAS, this computer based assessment will take approximately eight hours for each 11th grader to complete and its confusing format is unlike anything students will experience outside the testing environment; and

WHEREAS, there are not enough computers to test the students in a reasonable amount of time and it is unacceptable for computers to be unavailable to non-testing students for such a long period of time; and

WHEREAS, the failure rate of the assessment is going to be extraordinarily high (possibly 60%) for the general population and even higher for students of color, ELL students, and students on individualized education plans; and

WHEREAS, student performance on this test will in no way be indicative of their learning and instead this test must be given to meet arbitrary, antiquated and poorly considered state/federal mandates; and

WHEREAS, graduation and standardized testing requirements in Washington State are in constant shift, confusing, and poorly communicated; and

WHEREAS, the sheer number of state mandated standardized tests is unacceptable; in addition to other assessments during the last seven weeks of school we must administer two weeks of AP testing, many weeks of 11th grade SBA testing, the 10th grade ELA exit exam, the Biology EOC exam, the Geometry EOC exam, and the Algebra 1 EOC exam; many of these exams are required for graduation or could possibly earn students college credit; moreover, during this time we are also required to teach our students and administer year end finals and projects; and

WHEREAS, the detrimental impact on the school schedule and more importantly student learning cannot be justified simply to meet a superfluous bureaucratic requirement; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, the members of the Mukilteo Education Association at Mariner High School object to the administration of the 11th grade Smarter Balanced Assessment for spring 2015 as an unacceptable obstruction to providing an excellent education to every student.

This passed unanimously on March 6, 2015.



  1. We need parents to come out against this insane test, and opt out every child from 3rd grade on up. I am a 3rd grade teacher, and this test is absolutely in appropriate for students. Period.

  2. The groundwork for the privatization and takeover of public schools began during the 1980s, gathered steam through the 90s, then became a national disgrace with no child left behind and the built for failure testing mandates that came with it. Make no mistake, this fight will take YEARS, and literally thousands and thousands of people taking action before real change will occur. The interests that see dollar signs instead of students are well organized, exceptionally intelligent, pathologically greedy and dishonest, wealthy beyond measure, and relentless. I so wish I was exaggerating, but the full truth is probably even worse.

  3. All schools in the Mukilteo school district will be administering the SBAC. I, too, was very excited to read this hoping against hope that it was true because I believe the SBAC is a very harmful test and a waste of valuable teacher and financial resources. Unfortunately, however, they will be administering the SBAC. This was confirmed through the Mukilteo school district directly. Whomever posted this story should really check their facts before they post and get other people excited about it.

    1. Paula,

      What is posted is a resolution that was issued by one school, not the district. It will take more than one resolution to turn your district around. I suggest informing parents about what’s happening and have PTA’s in the schools promote discussions about the SBAC and develop resolutions out of those discussions.

      It will take the will of many to stop this.


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