Join us in an informative and dynamic conversation with:

Fred Hamel and Jesse Hagopian

Thursday, March 12, 2015
6:00 pm-7:45 pm
Southwest Library
9010 35th Ave. SW
Seattle, 98126

All are welcome!

What impacts could these tests have on the emotional and social development of our children? How are they affecting the teachers and the practice of instruction? What alternatives exist, and what needs to be in place to implement them?

What should we be doing to inform ourselves about the high stakes standardized tests that our children will be asked to take this Spring in Seattle Public Schools?

Finally, how do we refuse these tests for our children, and what happens when we do? Bring your open minds and your thoughtful questions.

Fred Hamel is currently an Associate Professor of Education & Director of School-Based Experience at the University of Puget Sound. His interests include adolescent development and diversities, scaffolding instruction, and teacher learning, especially how teachers come to learn about student literacy and diverse ways of knowing. He has focused much of his early writing on the thinking and practices of secondary English teachers, and continues to seek to understand language development at the intersection of teacher and learner perspectives. He taught primarily English/language arts for more than 12 years, in both urban and suburban high school settings in Illinois and Washington, before coming to University of Puget Sound in 2000. Fred is married with two kids, grown now, both of whom attended Tacoma schools. He has played soccer for more than 40 years and still coaches and plays occasionally.

Jesse Hagopian teaches history and is the Black Student Union adviser at Garfield High School in Seattle, the site of the historic boycott of the MAP standardized test.  Jesse is an associate editor of the acclaimed Rethinking Schools magazine, is a founding member of Social Equality Educators (SEE), and was recipient of the 2012 Abe Keller Foundation award for “Excellence and Innovation in Peace Education.” He was recognized in 2013 as the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences’ “Secondary School Teacher of the Year.” Jesse is a contributing author to 101 Changemakers: Rebels and Radicals Who Changed US History and Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation, and is the editor of More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High Stakes Testing (Haymarket Books).  He is married and the father of two young boys. Sign up to follow Jesse at his blog, iamaneducator.com.