Video: Cashing in on public schools, Timmy gets a lesson

From The Progressive:

This animated feature on school privatization stars little Timmy, a kindergartener who likes his public school. Timmy gets a confusing lesson in corporate education reform, starting with the right-wing mantra “Public Schools have failed.


  1. Great video, but I’m not sure “right-wing” mantra accurately characterizes the corporate ed reform juggernaut, since many Dems have participated enthusiastically, particularly including Arne Duncan. I think it’s a neoliberal attack on the public sphere, coupled with a narrow, self-aggrandizing focus on technocratic “learning” as the great innovative approach to preparing our children (particularly Other People’s Children) for their future corporate drone existence as compliant and unchallenging workers, accepting their virtual indentured servitude as their proper lot in life.

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