“More Than a Score” book reading and signing at Elliott Bay Books

more than a score


The most incredible book about education reform, high stakes testing and the push-back by teachers, parents and students will be available in stores on December 2nd. The Title of the book is More Than a Score: The New Uprising Against High-Stakes Testing.

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy and was amazed at the breadth and depth of each chapter.

The book is a collection of stories, interviews and observations on the rise of high stakes testing, how it has affected students, teachers, families, schools and communities and how individuals together have created a movement of push-back against the ed reform policy of high stakes testing. A model that is precariously based on standardized testing.

The foreword is written by Diane Ravitch and the introduction by Alfie Kohn.

Chapters are written by Jesse Hagopian who also edited the book, teachers at Garfield High School who were a part of the MAP boycott, Barbara Madeloni, now President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, on her path that led to the resistance of student teachers taking Pearson, Inc. field test in 2012, Karen Lewis who is the President of the Chicago Teachers Union on her personal “Testing Nightmares”, educator Nancy Carlsson-Paige on early childhood education and how it has been impacted by policy makers today, Sarah Chambers on the testing boycott under Rahm Emmanuel’s regime in Chicago title “ICE the ISAT”, three students who were part of the Providence Student Union who were a part of the Zombies march protesting high stakes testing at their high school, a future teacher’s thoughts on becoming a teacher in the midst of the movement of pushing back on ed reform policies, parent Jeanette Deutermann’s story about the amazing opt out movement that started in Long Island, public education advocates such as Monty Neill of Fair Test describing building a movement against high stakes testing with an Afterword by Wayne Au.

There are a total of 27 voices speaking about education reform policy, how those policies, built on the faulty ground of high stakes testing, have affected them and their schools and how they are fighting back to save their schools and communities.

A highly recommended read.

To hear the stories of some of the writers in this book, join Jesse Hagopian, Wayne Au, Mallory Clarke and Falmata Seid at the book launch to be held at Elliott Bay Books on Dec. 2nd at 7:00 PM.

There will also be information available on opting your child out of high stakes testing.

To spread the word, here is a pdf of the flyer.

Dora Taylor


2 thoughts on ““More Than a Score” book reading and signing at Elliott Bay Books

  1. Reblogged this on Pushing the Pendulum and commented:
    It’s interesting how many administrators claim to not know about this movement. Feeling more inspired and empowered about following my gut instinct. Perhaps I will purchase a few copies to pass out to board members.

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