New York hedge fund managers jumping onto the Seattle Preschool Proposition 1B gravy train


The polls are down for Proposition 1B, so what do Burgess and Mayor Murray do? They bring in the troops.

From a Seattle Education reader:

A new player has entered the ring, sending voters another mailer for Prop 1B. According to the PDC, New York-based Education Reform Now is spending at least $25,000 on mail for Prop 1B. The hedge-fund backed group brags on its website that it…

.. helped lead the coalition that campaigned successfully for the passage of a public charter school initiative in November 2012. Not only has Washington State lifted its ban on public charter schools, but thanks to ERN’s work, it now has one of the strongest charter school laws in the country.”

Education Reform Now spent millions to fight against teachers in Chicago in 2012.

Proppsition 1A released a new tv ad that shines light on who is backing Proposition 1B.

Earlier this week, the Proposition 1B campaign reported more significant corporate contributions including:

  • Vulcan Inc. ($50,000) Vulcan Inc also contributed $1.6 million to I-1240, the charter school initiative, and contributes to the Reagan Fund, the conservative Leadership Council, and the WA State GOP.
  • Comcast ($10,000). Comcast is a major funder of the Republican Leadership Council.
  • Amazon ($25,000): Amazon gives more money to Republicans than Democrats nationally, including McMorris Rodger’s PAC and the Every Republican Is Crucial Pac.

It looks like I have more bubbles to add to the Proposition 1B Wheel of Fortune.

Note: The 1B ad campaign seems to be targeting the north end of Seattle and Westlake which is mostly white and middle to upper middle class. Hmmm. I thought the 1B preschool program was to assist low income families.

Dora Taylor


10 thoughts on “New York hedge fund managers jumping onto the Seattle Preschool Proposition 1B gravy train

  1. In Ohio, the pro-charter school organization, Cleveland Transformation Alliance, directs viewers of their “contact us” page, to the phone number of the United Way.
    The Salt Lake city United Way has a deal with Goldman Sachs for social impact bonds, for pre-k education. The significance of this type of bond is explained at

  2. I do not live in Seattle, never have. Yet Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council, just sent an email promoting 1B and listing all these endorsements: Look Who Has Endorsed YES on Proposition 1B

    Washington State Head Start Association
    King County Labor Council
    Solid Ground
    Neighborhood House
    Tabor 100
    34th and 43rd District Democrats
    King County Young Democrats
    Democratic Women of West Seattle
    United Way of King County
    El Centro De La Raza
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Seattle and King County
    YMCA of Greater Seattle
    Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
    The Stranger
    The Seattle Times
    Childcare Directors Association of Seattle
    Alliance for Education
    Seattle Human Services Coalition
    Atlantic Street Center
    Washington State Council of County & City Employees
    Child Care Resources
    Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Washington
    Denise Louie Early Education Center
    League of Education Voters
    Kids Co
    Wellspring Family Services
    Real Change, the newspaper for the homeless

    I am shocked and saddened by this list

  3. Just got one of their mailers today. Yuck.
    1B reminds me of Fox News – repeat “high quality” as many times as possible, so that even if it isn’t true, it becomes “truth”.

  4. So what that they support Republicans. Your points regarding Charter strengths in New York are based on an majority Democrat state. New York Democrat Govenor Cuomo is against public schools and has vowed to make teacher assessments even tougher if elected.

  5. Dora,

    Thank you for bringing this to public attention. I’m quite concerned that 1B will be used to further the corporate education agenda. I’m fully expecting to see Teach for America and an effort to bring charter schools into SPS via the city’s preschool effort- 1B.

    Tim Burgess is behind the city’s 1B initiative and he will be running a city wide election. I’m confident we’ll see the funders of 1B funding his re-election. Keep an eye on Burgess’s PACs.

    1. Now that the Mayor and Burgess want to takeover our schools I will be watching them along with the Levy Committee who seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time on this preschool program, and any other players who decide to step into this game.


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