Don’t like Common Core, the over-testing of your children, the big money takeover of our schools? You are not alone: Facebook connections



AZ Parents & Teachers Against CCS and TESTS


Badass Teachers Association


Children are more than test scores




Florida Stop Common Core Groups


Long Island Opt-out Info


Los Angeles Questions Common Core


Network for Public Education


NYS Refuse the Tests


Opt Out of State Standardized Tests – Florida


Opt Out of State Standardized Tests – New York


Opt-Out Orlando


Parents Across America


Parents and Educators Against the Common Core Standards


Parents and Kids Against Standardized Testing


Parents and Teachers Against the Common Core


Principals with Principles


Schools Against the Neoliberal Rule…A Reader


Special Ed Advocates to Stop Common Core


Stop the TN Testing Madness


Teachers for Social Justice


Teachers Letters to Obama


Truth in American Education


Teachers Letters to Obama


UnCOMMONly Good Education


United Opt Out


Washington State Against Common Core Standards


Wear Red For Public Ed




2 thoughts on “Don’t like Common Core, the over-testing of your children, the big money takeover of our schools? You are not alone: Facebook connections

  1. Here are a few more. The first thing I did when I arrived to live in Massachusetts was search out grassroots efforts against Common Core and high stakes testing. Unfortunately, I believe they have been testing for so long in Massachusetts that no one is really questioning that part of the equation, and charter schools are a part of the public school landscape. The movement is wanting its Massachusetts Standards back vs. Common Core. In fact, New York is talking about adopting MA standards in lieu of Common Core!

    PTA members against Common Core
    We are PTA members who do NOT support Common Core State Standards. “Every Child, One Voice” is…

    No Common Core Maine
    Maine voices for higher standards and local control.

    Common Core Forum (Massachusetts)

    United Opt Out National

    TEST Troublemakers
    TEST Troublemakers are artists, parents, educators, students and social activists who are dedicated…

    Save Our Schools; The Movement
    Save Our Schools; The Movement Stands Strong to Ensure an Equal Education for All. We embrace as…

    FairTest works to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and to ensure that evaluation…

    Students United for Public Education
    College\University student based national organization that aims to unite students of all ages…

    The Network for Public Education

    Parents Across America

    Stop Common Core In New Hampshire
    We want to equip the citizens of New Hampshire with accurate knowledge and information about the…

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