First No Child Left Behind, then Race to the Top and now the Common Core Standards.

Unsure what the Common Core Standards are?

Want to know more about the term “high stakes testing”?

Have you heard about parents, students and teachers opting out of standardized testing and the Common Core Standards around the country?

Do you know why so many are opting out?

If you have these questions or others pertaining to the testing regime that has gripped our school system or why and how the Common Core Standards are being rolled out in Seattle, join us for an evening of discussion with Jesse Hagopian and me, Dora Taylor, on standardized testing, Common Core Standards and the opt out option.

Seattle Education Meetup

The Common Core Standards, High Stakes Testing and Opting Out

An evening of discussion and information

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Parents, teachers and students are all invited

We will be providing this meetup on Skype for those outside of Seattle who want to participate.

RSVP seattled@icloud.com

This Meetup will be held in a private home so if you would like to join us, please send an RSVP e-mail to seattled@icloud.com. We will respond with the address and any additional information that you require.


We’ve met our maximum number of guests who can comfortably participate in the private home. If you would like to Skype in, please contact us. We can accommodate 20 more individuals or groups on Skype.

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To download a flyer, go to the Seattle Education doc site.

Post Script:

This just in from New York:


Dear neighbor:

On behalf of the thousands of frustrated parents, students and teachers that I represent, I’ve just voted against confirmation of the four Board of Regents candidates that were nominated by the State Assembly.

The roll-out of Common Core has been profoundly flawed, and the State Education Department and Board of Regents are responsible for this mess.

Today’s vote sends a loud and clear message that our students deserve better and that this bureaucratic disaster needs to be fixed.

New York State must return its focus to one overriding goal: providing a quality education that helps every child achieve a bright, successful and rewarding future.


Majority Coalition Leader
New York State Senate


Submitted by Dora Taylor