Bill Gates data mining

inBloom is the creation of  Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch.

From Diane Ravitch’s Blog:

Is inBloom Engaged in Identity Theft?

The Gates Foundation spent $100 million along with the Carnegie Corporation to create a massive database consisting of confidential information about students. The database will be created by Rupert Murdoch’s subsidiary Wireless Generation. It will go onto a “cloud” managed by

Several states and districts have agreed to turn over their student data. Last year, the U.S. Department of Education quietly changed the FERPA regulations so that the data could be released. According to this article, the data will be available to entrepreneurs to market stuff to children’s.

Here is one New York parent’s view:

“I have emailed and called [State Commissioner] John King’s office over 40 times the past month refusing to consent to allow the DOE to transfer my children’s personal information into InBloom to be bought and sold around the world so vendors get rich. King’s office refuses to allow parents to opt-out.

I consider InBloom Identity Theft. We need a class action law suit to protect students privacy.

Please see the extent of data that is being collected and entered to be sold without a guarantee of security. Even your billing address from credit cards can be entered along with birth weight, homework completions, medical reports for IEP’s, disabilities, discipline, and much more.”

The link above is a must see.

Since Dr. Ravitch’s post was published, there has been strong reaction from parents around the country about what private information is being gleaned from students and their families.

States are beginning to pull out of this massive data gathering effort and other states are beginning to question its value.

From Politico’s Morning Education newsletter this AM:


New York Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan has been demanding that executives from the student database inBloom answer questions in Albany about their plans to store personal information on millions of children. If they won’t come voluntarily, she said, she’d issue a subpoena. A few days ago, Nolan told Gannett’s Albany bureau that she had finally secured an agreement for an inBloom representative to testify at a hearing this month. But inBloom spokesman Adam Gaber says there’s no deal yet. “This is all a work in progress,” he said. “Nothing yet scheduled.”

Interesting situation. A private enterprise has taken on, without anyone’s approval or consent, the collection of and culling through of massive amounts of information about students. Are they answerable to anyone? states? school districts? parents?

Is Bill Gates answerable to the rest of us? How about the Bezo’s, the Walton’s, Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the 1% who are dictating how our children should be educated? Shouldn’t they be requesting our permission to collect personal information on students rather than just grabbing it and selling it to the highest bidder?

Who do they answer to?

Dora Taylor