The Seattle Rhee-event

Ms. Rhee (pronounced "re")
Ms. Rhee

Last week someone on one of the list servs that I follow wrote that Michele Rhee was coming to their town and they wanted to do something special during her visit as other cities have done.

I am pleased to say that our warm Seattle welcome for Ms. Rhee was very successful but realized I had not shared our event with others, so for the sake of archiving the event and providing readers with some welcome party ideas, I post the following:

rhee event
Students holding up a banner.

A call went out on the Seattle Education blog a week before Ms. Rhee was to speak at the Seattle Town Hall to join in on a warm Seattle welcome for Ms. Rhee.

It was an excellent turn out considering it was February in Seattle. Needless to say, hardy Seattleites don’t let a little cold or rain dampen their day, or evening for that matter.

A concerned citizen
A concerned citizen

My estimate is that there were about 30 or more of us on the outside with flyers, signs, chanting while moving in sort of a circle, something I recommend to keep spirits up and the body warm on a wintry night, large banners that people could read when driving by and a table for handing out information.

Everyone was in high spirits and several teachers attended the event inside in hopes that they could ask some pointed questions. As it turned out, all questions were written on cards and a few selected. So much for the public debate Ms. Rhee keeps talking about having.


We even drew some press although I had not notified them of the planned protest.

I handed out flyers to people waiting in line to go inside and enjoyed it. I had a chance to meet and talk to people about Rhee and the push for privatization, answer questions and exchange contact information. It was fun. In fact, it seemed that everyone was having a good time.

A parent and concerned citizen
A parent and concerned citizen

A good time was had by all and we know that Rhee got the point, she and her ilk are not welcomed in our town.

rhee event7
A concerned citizen

Seattle Ed posts on Ms. Rhee:

That’s what friends are for: Rhee and the DC cheating scandal revisited

One more for the road: Michelle Rhee’s firing of D.C. teachers was “improper”

Michelle Rhee-form protest in Seattle. Join us.

Also check out the website “Rhee First”

Dora Taylor

rhee event5

Post Script:

It has become obvious to me with this post that I must invest in a camera. Any ideas on what would work for me are appreciated along with any and all donations…


…I gotta try!

A teacher
A teacher

One comment

  1. Laughing because yes, a new camera is in order but that aside the Rhee “greeting” looks like just what she deserved and more. This will inspire others to
    welcome” her in a similar fashion.

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