On Tuesday September 17th at 7:30 PM there will be a panel discussion on standardized testing at Town Hall in Seattle titled To Test or Not to Test?

The panelists will include our very own Wayne Au, PhD who is an Associate Professor at UW Bothell. Dr. Au’s research focuses on educational equity, high-stakes testing, curriculum theory, educational policy studies and social studies education.

One of the courses that Wayne Au teaches is Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Secondary Social Studies and History. He is also an Editorial Board Member for Rethinking Schools and has written many articles on the subject of public education.

The panel will also include Jason Mendenhall, of the Northwest Evaluation Association. The NWEA produced and sells the MAP test that will be a part of this discussion.

The surprise panelist has not been disclosed yet. Per the event description posted on the Town Hall website, this super special guest will be “a representative from a local nonprofit whose mission is to improve public schools”. Hmmm. Who might that be? Someone from the alphabet soup of Gates backed and or created organizations such as SFC, Stand for Children, LEV, the League of Education Voters or A4E, the Alliance for Education?

Bill Gates is a major financial backer of assessment testing not only to be used to evaluate the student, but to be used to evaluate teachers, principals, schools and even districts. Those scores are used as parameters to fire teachers or principals, as well as close schools so that the buildings can be converted into charter schools, another one of Gates’ cure-all’s for what ails our society in general and public education in particular.

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Dora Taylor