Why I am Running for School Board – by Sue Peters

School Board candidate Sue Peters

For the past nine years, I have been deeply involved in Seattle’s public schools, as a parent of two, a school volunteer, an education blogger, a member of district task forces and as a local and national public education advocate.

I would like to help steer the largest school district in Washington State in a positive direction. I believe that I can serve the Seattle school community even better as a representative on the school board.

As a growing district of almost 50,000 students and counting, in a highly educated, book-loving, growing town, Seattle has the opportunity right now to be a national leader in visionary, progressive public education practices.

Learning from the experience of other states and nations, it is clear that the right direction is away from the current national obsession with high-stakes standardized testing, as well as uniformity, overcrowded classrooms, antagonism towards professional teachers, and towards richer and solid curricula, creativity, collaboration, respect for the teaching profession and a dedication to promoting the joy of learning in our schools and all our children.

We need to foster a public education system that embraces and celebrates the individuality of all our children and facilitates their ability to reach their full potential, whether that be through the arts, sciences, mathematics, humanities, music, or all of the above.
We need to make fiscally responsible decisions that prioritize directing resources to the classroom. I believe that too often there has been a disconnect between decisions that are made at district headquarters, and the needs and realities of our schools and families.

So I am committed to make sound decisions and choices that will benefit all the children of Seattle’s public schools and which correspond to the actual needs and requests of our families and school communities.

I welcome the support of the readers of the Seattle Education blog and beyond.


Sue Peters

Sue Peters for Seattle School Board, District IV

website: suepeters4schoolboard.org

e-mail: suepeters4sps@yahoo.com


  1. Sue’s tireless advocacy for Seattle’s children has already paid dividends for students and families, despite having to fight against well-funded local and national interests that have tried to impose misguided reforms that have failed elsewhere upon Seattle’s schools. She does her homework and, as a result, has been on the right side of issue after issue, such as school closures and math curriculum adoption. Good, thoughtful and correct decisions are her hallmark – something we desperately need more of on the Seattle School Board.

  2. Thank you all for your kind support! Please join our campaign and help me represent you — Seattle’s public school families and children — on the school board. Craig — it was great working with you, too, on the Strategic Plan Task Force! Please keep sending me your great ideas.



  3. Having worked across the table with Sue in the district Strategic Planning Task Force work these past months, I want to support her offer to run for the school board. She’s got the right sort of insight and savvy to represent parents and students in addressing the decisions faced by our Seattle Public Schools.


    A breath of fresh air guided by informed decision making from a parent who cares about all our children and professionals in the classroom is exactly what this city and the country needs.

    I am so tired of corporate-sponsored self-promoting politicians posing as something they are not. I am sure you will have a successful campaign if al of us who care about public education pull together and support your campaign.

    Count me in and me keep posted on the fundraising activities.


  5. I’ll support you, Sue. Even though I don’t live in the 4th district, I can’t think of anyone as knowledgeable and well-intentioned as you to fill this position.

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