In a 3rd grade student workbook for MSP Reading Assessment preparation, which is a Washington State mandated test for grades 3 through 8, a parent found this question:

Directions: Read the selection and answer the questions.

Bill Gates     

Bill Gates had a dream that changed the world. Born in Seattle, Washington, on October 28, 1955, Bill Gates grew up with his parents and his two sisters. As a teenager Bill believed that computers would change everyone’s life, and he wanted to be a part of it.Bill Gates went to Lakeside School in Seattle. He was very smart and got straight A’s in school. After school and on weekends, he worked on what he loved best. computers. Sometimes he would forget to sleep and would work all night on the computer. He knew more about computers than most grown-ups.     

When he was 13, Bill began writing computer programs that told the computer what to do. Bill knew that computers could be used for things like helping kids with math problems, writing stories, drawing pictures, or playing games.     

In 1973, Bill went to Harvard University as a freshman. In college, Bill began to write a computer language. In 1975, Bill and his old school friend Paul Allen began a company called Microsoft.      Bill believed that computers would one day be used by people at work, in schools, and in homes. He knew that people would use computers to help them do their work and to have fun.Bill worked for six weeks with his friend Paul to write the first computer language program. Sometimes Bill would work sixteen to eighteen hours a day to get his work done. He found his old high school and college friends to help him in his company. Sometimes they brought sleeping bags to the office so they could work long hours to finish a job. Bill still works seventy to eighty hours a week at his job.

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world. He and his wife Melinda like to spend their money in ways that will help the world. They gave billions of dollars to improve the learning and health of people all over the world. He even received a knighthood from the Queen of England for his caring work.     

Bill is a father of three children. When he is not working hard at his company, he likes to read or play golf.

You can see a copy of the test and the answers here.

Propaganda fed to our children? Gates and his foundation are starting to feel the heat of controversy over his ideas of how public education should be managed as well as his investments in Monsanto. a company that produces GMO seeds. This pushback is happening in his own backyard and around the world.

-Dora Taylor

Post Script: 5/9/2014

This post was written a year ago and is now receiving a greater amount of attention. I have been asked if the question was actually on a test and it was.

A copy of the exam was provided to me by a parent who I have known for a few years.