MAP Test Boycott: The Movie

our students

“Stand Up: The Day the Teachers Said No”


6 thoughts on “MAP Test Boycott: The Movie

  1. They are so right. This test has negatively affected the education of my own children as well as my students. It is nothing but a money grab.

  2. Love the Emperor’s New Clothes analogy! It seems that in the classic story, the emperor and his trusted advisors recognized their illogical thinking and were willing to admit this through their laughter. Let’s hope our present leaders will also be willing to listen to those who speak truth, even though not popular. The difference in the classic story is only the emperor was seriously harmed. In today’s story we have millions of children who are being cheated while the Emperor and his cronies are making millions. Best of luck to you in Garfield! Thank you for being that child for all of us!

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