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February 6 is the National Day of Action to Support Seattle MAP Test Boycott.

Parents from at least 34 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will be passing petitions opposing the misuse and overuse of tests in CPS.

The petitions ask CPS and the Chicago Board of Education to limit standardized testing and provide more transparency about the cost, amount and stakes of the 22 tests now being used in the district. We intend to present these petitions to the Board in the near future.

The petition was written by parents and others frustrated with the scale, expense, and consequences of the testing regime in CPS. We do not feel as though the CPS administration is currently addressing our concerns. We hope our campaign is a wake-up call to the Board of Education and the leadership of the Chicago Public Schools that parents, students. teachers and community members will no longer accept the status quo of high stakes testing currently in use in Chicago.

Chicago Public School parents, students and teachers stand in solidarity with the Garfield High School teachers in Seattle and all teachers in Seattle Public Schools who are refusing to administer the MAP test. These teachers have gained national attention and support for their stand against the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test, for its invalidity, waste of time and resources and its scandalous arrival to Seattle.

For more information about the Chicago event, see:

Thank you Chicago.

Dora Taylor