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According to sources at Garfield High School, the teachers will NOT administer the test today and many students will not take the MAP test in support of the teachers and with the support of the Garfield High School PTSA.

Notes opting students out of the MAP test are “pouring in” today and the PTSA has implemented a well-coordinated system to support students who are opting out today.


From Garfield High School PTSA

February 4, 2013

An Important Message from our PTSA President….

The Board of the PTSA was surprised and chagrined to learn that the School District Superintendent has ordered the administrative staff of Garfield to administer the MAP tests Tuesday, February 5. Students will be pulled out of classes and sent to the computer lab and library to take the test. We are very disappointed that the Superintendent has decided to escalate the conflict over the MAP tests in this manner.

We were heartened by the Superintendent’s announcement last week that a broadly representative task force was being immediately convened to review the standardized testing issues and options and to come up with recommendations. The Superintendent had also started discussions with the teachers at Garfield which was another positive step. We do not understand why the Superintendent would compromise those encouraging steps by the peremptory order for the school principal and his staff to administer the tests.

The Superintendent has yet to respond to the questions the teachers and parents have raised about the tests. But yet the tests are going forward on an emergency basis.

This conflict over the tests does not need to be further inflamed. As parents, we want an air of normality at the school with the adults modeling to the students a rational deliberative process for resolving an important issue. We think the task force being planned is a good step in that direction. Let’s all put our attention there.

Phil Sherburne

PTSA President

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