Scrap the MAP

The ramifications of high stakes testing are greater than some might imagine.

Not only can test scores be used to evaluate a teacher’s performance in an erroneous manner, but they can also be used to “grade” a school, giving it the term “failing school”. That is then used as a rationale to close the school, leaving a neighborhood and community without a school or be replaced with a charter school. That is when tests are used as a weapon rather than a tool in the hands of those who want to de-professionalize teachers and therefore create a cheaper work force for charter schools as well as convert public schools into privatized institutions.

We have seen that happen in New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Detroit and we don’t want to see our neighborhoods devastated like that here in Seattle or elsewhere in our state.

There are two new websites that have popped up in recent weeks that focus on the MAP test.

First is Scrap the MAP which provides information on the MAP boycott.

The second website is Creativity Not Control. Their page on the MAP test is as follows:

What Can You Do To Fight MAP Testing?

Garfield teachers and some teachers from Orca K-8 have refused to administer the MAP test.   MAP testing should end because:

  • Teachers don’t know what the test covers and get no results back.  The test has NO RELATION to what is being taught.
  • SPS administrators admitted that the margin of error for the test is greater than expected gains.  The test proves nothing.
  • Ninth-graders cannot afford to lose classroom time.
  • Scores are low because students don’t take the test seriously.   
  • Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson was on the board of the corporation that sells the exam – a clear conflict of interest.
  • No standardized test accurately reflects a student’s creativity and full potential. 

What can YOU do?


  • Tell your teachers, principal, PTSA, and Seattle Public School District staff and board that you oppose standardized testing in general and the MAP specifically
  • Tell your teachers that you will support them if they refuse to give the MAP
  • Opt your student out of the MAP.  It is NOT REQUIRED
  • Make copies of THIS FLYER and circulate at your school.  (please email us at and let us know what school you have covered) 


  • Let your teachers, family/guardians, and friends know you oppose the MAP
  • After family discussions, refuse to take the MAP
  • If you do not feel comfortable overtly refusing to take the test, ANSWER EVERY QUESTION ON THE MAP WITH A “C” for CREATIVITY.  If enough students do this, it will invalidate their data, making it harder for them to use the test to control teachers and students. 


  • Unite with your colleagues and refuse to give the test.  
  • Tell other teachers that you will back them if there are retaliations against those refusing to give the test.
  • If your ENTIRE staff does not refuse to give the test, consider having a PORTION of the staff refuse to give the test.
  • Support students opting out or answering “C” for CREATIVITY.

Check them out.

Dora Taylor