Life is a series of actions and reactions, adjustments and readjustments, and so it is with our blog.

When I wrote the first post on this blog four years ago one quiet Saturday evening, I had no idea who, if anyone, would read what I had written. What was important to me at the time was that I sent it out in hopes that someone, anyone, would become informed of what was happening in Seattle, of what I saw.

Four years since and from what I know, from the stats that are available to me every hour of the day, more than just one person is reading what I and Sue write. There are many and those many want to see a variety of thoughts and observations that are shared here so we are changing and adjusting with the demand.

The new look will provide views of many of the most recent posts so that you can hopefully find what you are looking for quickly.

Keep coming back. We like the company.

Dora Taylor