The horrific and dangerous 60 policies that the Republicans voted for in the last 600 days

I usually stay on course providing information and views on education but this information was so horrific that I had to share it.

These votes affect all of us, our families, our children and of course, education.

This information was provided by the US House of Representatives Democratic Caucus and are:

60 votes on final passage, amendments, and motions to recommit House Republicans have taken during the 112th Congress that hurt middle class Americans and weaken the country.

Leaders of the pack. Left to right: Eric Cantor House Majority Leader, John Boehner the 61st Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy the Republican Majority Whip

The Republicans Top 60

Putting corporations that ship American jobs overseas before American workers

1. Protect federal funding for corporations that offshored or outsourced American jobs overseas (H. Res. 38, Roll no. 19)

2. Protect corporations that outsource American jobs overseas in violation of the National Labor Relations Act (H.R. 2587, Roll no. 710)

3. Protect ability of foreign countries, like China, to engage in the unfair trade practice of currency manipulation that hurts American jobs (H.R. 3078, Roll no. 780)

4. Protect corporations that outsource or plan to outsource American jobs overseas in labor elections (H.R. 3094, Roll no. 869)

Protecting massive tax breaks for the wealthiest at the expense of middle class families

5. Protect tax breaks for millionaires instead of relief for middle class families (H.R. 491, Roll no. 922)

6. Hold hostage a tax cut for middle class families to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest 2% (H.AMDT 1475 to H.R. 6169, Roll no. 550)

Attacking Medicare, Social Security and programs that help older Americans

7. End the Medicare guarantee (H. Con. Res. 34, Roll no. 277)

8. Against prohibiting ending the Medicare guarantee and turning it into a voucher system (H.R. 5, Roll no. 41)

9. Against ensuring that no funds can be used privatize and cut Social Security and Medicare (H.J.Res. 48, Roll no. 178)

10. End initiative to protect seniors who have worked a lifetime to own a home and earn financial stability (H.R. 830, Roll no. 170)

11. Against protecting preventative health care funding for seniors (H.R. 1217, Roll no. 263)

12. Against protecting seniors from abusive, predatory, unfair, and deceptive financial practices (H.R. 1315, Roll no. 620)

Attacking women’s health and safety

13. Limit the ability of women to access reproductive health care (H.R. 3, Roll no. 292)

14. Take away the right of women with private health insurance to choose how they spend their own money in purchasing health insurance covering reproductive health care (H.R. 358, Roll no. 789)

15. Weaken protections for battered immigrant women who are legally here (H.R. 4970, Roll no. 258)

16. Remove protections for LGBT victims of domestic violence (H.R. 4970, Roll no. 258)

17. Against access to life-saving health care for women (H.R. 358, Roll no. 788)

18. Against protecting the medical records of victims of rape and incest (H.R. 3, Roll no. 291)

19. Eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood (H.AMDT. 95 to H.R. 1, Roll no. 93)

20. Repeal protections to ensure that health insurance companies can’t discriminate on the basis of gender (H.R. 2, Roll no. 14)

Against giving middle class families a fair shake, weakening consumer protections

21. Decease Americans ability to access to affordable health care, weaken protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and end health care benefits (H.R. 2, Roll no. 14)

***22. Block restoring Pell grants that help millions of Americans afford tuition for higher education (H.R. 1, Roll no. 146)

***23. Block requirement that charter schools conduct criminal background checks for felons, registered sex offenders, and child abusers (H.R. 2218, Roll no. 704)

24. Weaken and delay consumer protections against abusive, deceptive and unfair financial practices – including for credit cards, mortgages and student loans – putting Wall Street before Main Street families (H.R. 1315, Roll no. 621)

25. Abolish help for families who are underwater to refinance into lower-cost mortgages they can afford to repay (H.R. 830, Roll no. 171)

26. Eliminate short-term loans for up to 33,000 homeowners who lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are at risk of losing their homes (H.R. 836, Roll no. 174)

27. Eliminate efforts to strengthen neighborhoods that were hard hit by the housing bubble burst (H.R. 861, Roll no. 188)

28. Against protecting against gas price increases for American families (H.R. 1938, Roll no. 649)

29. Protect oil and gas speculators that drive up gas prices (H.R. 2112, Roll no. 458)

30. Restrict ability of agencies to protect consumer health and safety (H.R 10, Roll no. 901)

31. Jeopardize funding for Amber Alerts (H.R. 1076, Roll no. 191)

32. Slash funding for programs that put food on the table for low income families and repeal programs that help working families (H.R. 5652, Roll no. 247)

Putting special interests before a government of, by, and for the people

33. Increase the influence of secret special interest groups in campaigns by eliminating options for citizens to have a voice in elections (H.R. 359, Roll no. 25)

34. Weaken protections to ensure that every vote counts, including those of service members (H.R. 672, Roll no. 466)

35. Protect pay for Members of Congress during a government shutdown (H.R. 1255, Roll no. 223)

Putting Big Oil before the environment and middle class families

36. Protect unnecessary taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil (H.J. Res. 44, Roll no. 153)

37. Reward oil companies that owe fines and penalties for damage in the Gulf Coast (H.R. 1229, Roll no. 308)

38. Protect Big Oil and corporate jet owners at the expense of middle class families (S. 627, Roll no. 676)

39. Against protecting seniors and children from lung disease (H.R. 910, Roll no. 248)

40. Prevent the EPA from addressing serious health threats from carbon pollution, including increased childhood asthma (H.R. 910, Roll no. 249)

41. Make broad swaths of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts automatically open to lease for offshore oil drilling (H.R. 1231, Roll no. 320)

42. Weaken the Clean Air Act (H.R. 2021, Roll no. 478)

43. Against safeguards that protect our drinking water from arsenic and perchlorate (H.R. 2018, Roll no. 572)

44. Cut water quality funding (H. Amdt 143 to H.R. 1, Roll no. 123)

45. Substantially cut environmental protection (H. Con Res. 34, Roll no. 277)

46. Protect polluters over children and pregnant women (H.R. 2681, Roll no. 763)

47. Protect polluters over people who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities (H.R. 2250, Roll no. 790)

48. Against protecting the public from toxic dust know to cause cancer and brain damage (H.R. 1633, Roll no. 911)

49. Undermine clean air standards (H.R. 1633, Roll no. 912)

50. Weaken live-saving protection from cross-state pollution (H.R. 2401, Roll no. 741)

51. Block the EPA mercury and air toxics standards that are estimated to save 12,000 every year and more than 1 million asthma attacks (H.AMDT.799 to H.R 2401, Roll no. 737)

National Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans

52. Block increase in combat pay for troops (H.R. 1540, Roll no. 374)

53. Block protection for Gold Star widows and members of the Armed Services facing foreclosure (H.R. 839, Roll no. 197)

54. Block protection to guarantee our troops will get paid during a GOP-led government shutdown (H.R. 1363, Roll no. 246)

55. Block ensuring air marshals are deployed on the highest-risk flights (H.R. 658, Roll no. 219)

56. Prevent the Department of Homeland Security from considering the natural security impact of climate change (H.AMDT. 378 to H.R. 2017, Roll no. 392)

57. Block additional funding to increase protection for public transit, rail lines, and buses considered vulnerable to attack (H.R. 2017, Roll no. 408)

58. Against protecting housing assistance for veterans and service members (H.R. 836, Roll no. 173)

59. Block additional funding to help veterans who are returning and mobilizing, as well as their families (H.R. 2219, Roll no. 531)

60. Protect predatory lenders who target veterans (H.R. 2940, Roll no. 827)

My father, who was a Republican, would not recognize today’s party.

Ralph Nadar writes about this horrific phenomenon in his article Capitol Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans.



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