Today is Money Blast Day in Washington State: Please help us stave off the billionaires’ takeover of our schools

It’s here – Money Blast Day in Washington State to fight off I-1240 that would establish charter schools. (Washington State is one of just nine states that does not have charter schools and we have voted – three times – and said “No!” to charters.)

Bill Gates and the Walton’s just infused the Yes side to the tune of $3M (they are up over $8M total). It’s a David and Goliath fight that we intend to win but we need your help.

The No On 1240 campaign is having a MONEY BLAST all day today to raise money for this fight that has national implications. We have an angel donor that will match the first 50 people who donate $100.

Please help us draw this line in the sand against charters, their poor outcomes, their bad ramifications and the insanity that is the “conversion/trigger” embedded in I-1240. (This would allow a charter to use a petition signed by parents OR teachers to take over ANY existing school, failing or not. It would be the harshest conversion charter trigger in the country.)

Please help us say NO to charters and NO to I-1240.

Go to No on 1240 to donate today, Money Blast Day.


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