From Democracy Now’s program on September 11, 2012:

Chris Hedges: Dems Owe Chicago Public Teachers Support For “Most Important Labor Action in Decades”

As the Chicago public school teachers’ strike enters its second day, we’re joined by the journalist and author Chris Hedges. “The teacher strike in Chicago is arguably one of the most important labor actions in probably decades,” Hedges says. “If it does not prevail, you can be certain that the template for the attack on the union will be carried out across the country against other teachers unions and against the last redoubt of union activity, which is in the public sector of course, fireman and police.” Hedges continues, “It is always the ruling class that determines the parameters of rebellion and resistance. And the Chicago strike illustrates the bankruptcy of both traditional labor and the Democratic Party. And that is why the Occupy movement was so important.” Hedges is the author of the new book with illustrator Joe Sacco, “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.”

That same day there was a live report from Chicago by Democracy Now reporter Jaisal Noor.

Thousands Rally in Chicago Teacher’s Strike, Pushing Back Against Corporate-Backed Education Reform

You can send a message in support of the teachers and their demands for smaller class sizes, social service support for students in need, equal funding for all schools, the end of school closings and the end of the expansion of charter schools, at the Facebook page, Chicago Teachers Solidarity Campaign.