We don’t need our schools to be privatized, we need for schools to be supported by our communities any way that they can through these financially challenging times.

To follow is a press release from the PTA at Rainier Beach High School:

OfficeMax’s philanthropic focus is to alleviate “teacher funded” classrooms. Their intent at Rainier Beach High School is to make a direct impact on teachers and transform the school as a whole.

Through a partnership with Communities In Schools of Seattle, OfficeMax selected Rainier Beach high School (RBHS) as the next school for their giveaway and volunteer program.

OfficeMax has a large undisclosed sum of money they would like to donate for the project. In addition to a check presentation, they will also supply a team of 20 office max volunteers to assemble or organize whatever is bought with their donation.

As OfficeMax states:

Giving back to the communities in which we operate is an important part of the OfficeMax philosophy. In particular, we focus our efforts on improving K-12 public education by supporting teachers and developing strategic partnerships that support diversity.

The OfficeMax Volunteer Program is the main vehicle for OfficeMax’s charitable contributions. The Volunteer Program has two primary goals:

  • To end “teacher funded” classrooms and to help teachers inspire students
  • To support the volunteerism efforts of OfficeMax associates.

OfficeMax feels that teachers are the strongest link to the community and by supporting teachers, we can touch the lives of countless students and families. Teachers often lack necessary resources and many take it upon themselves to buy school supplies with their own money; at OfficeMax, we feel this is wrong and is a problem we need to address.

There will be a check presenting ceremony at Rainier Beach High School on June 13th.