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ALEC legislators in the state of Washington

Naming and Shaming

I was reading this article, Don’t Just Pressure ALEC’s Corporate Sponsors, Name and Shame ALEC Legislators in the Nation and decided that it absolutely makes sense. Here is what John Nichols had to say:

What’s happening with ALEC is good. But not good enough.

Pressured by a coalition of civil rights, clean government and religious groups to quit their memberships in the American Legislative Exchange Council, multinational corporations are indeed exiting ALEC. Now, it’s time to demand that the 2,000 legislators who have joined ALEC do the same.

Coca-Cola quit ALEC Wednesday. PepsiCo revealed the same day that it had quietly decided to let its membership lapse. Intuit Inc. confirmed that it is exiting ALEC. And Kraft Foods has announced that: “Our membership in ALEC expires this spring and for a number of reasons, including limited resources, we have made the decision not to renew.”

Translation: Kraft — like other corporations that produce consumer products and, thus, must appeal to the great mass of Americans — no longer wants to be associated with a shadowy group that links corporations and legislators in order to advance extreme (and extremely unpopular) agendas.

Nichols continues:

…But just as the challenges to the corporate sponsors of ALEC are essential, so too are challenges to the legislators who maintain membership in the groups.These legislators are not thinking for themselves. They are taking their cues from an inside-the-beltway, corporate-sponsored group that effectively demands that they dismiss the will of their constituents in favor of the demands of those corporations. It’s a dangerous calculus for democracy. And it is time to start asking legislators why they are answering to multinational corporations rather than hometown voters.

The Maine’s Majority movement has asked legislators in that state to give up their American Legislative Exchange Council memberships, “Given what we now know about ALEC and its detrimental effect on Maine’s public policy, there’s no excuse for Maine legislators to continue their involvement in the organization,” says Maine’s Majority executive director Chris Korzen. “The fact that Coke, Pepsi and Kraft have left ALEC speaks volumes to how toxic the group has become. It’s time for Maine’s ALEC members to follow suit.”

Maine Majority is naming and shaming Maine legislators who are allied with ALEC — identifying “known ALEC members” and urging them to “terminate their ALEC memberships.”

To follow is the list of State Representatives who, according to ALEC Exposed, are members of ALEC.

First verify that they are members of ALEC and if they are, ask them to severe all ties with that organization.

First up, Representative Jan Angel, 26th District, Port Orchard, Republican

Committees: Education, Transportation, Rules and Local Government.

Representative Matt Shea, 4th District, Spokane Valley, Republican

Committees: Labor & Workforce Development, Judiciary,Transportation and Leadership

Representative Troy Kelley, 28th District, Fircrest, University Place, Lakewood, Steilacoom, Tillicum, Dupont and West Tacoma, Democrat

Committees: Joint Legislative Audit and Review, Business and Financial Services, Health Care and Wellness, Rules, Technology, Energy and Communications

Representative Charles R. Ross, 14th District, parts of Yakima County, Republican

Committees: Public Safety and Elections Task Force Member

Representative Barbara Bailey , 10th District, Island County and portions of Skagit and Snohomish counties, including the cities of La Conner, Oak Harbor, and Stanwood, Republican

Committees: Health and Human Services Task Force Member

Representative Joe Schmick, 9th District, Colfax, Republican

Committees: Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Member

Representative Kevin W. Van De Wege, 24th District, Sequim, Democrat

Committee: Education Task Force Member

Representative Kevin Parker, 6th District, Spokane, Republican

Education Task Force Member

Representative Mike Armstrong, 12th District, Chelan and Wenatchee, Republican

Committees: Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force and Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force Member

Representative Bill Hinkle, 13th District, Cle Elum, Republican

Committees: Health Care and Wellness, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Ways and Means

Tomorrow the State Senate.


One comment on “ALEC legislators in the state of Washington

  1. JimCap
    April 11, 2012

    Good column. Great advice. I’ll be sure to contact these folks and pass it on. There are reporters in each of these areas who would undoubtedly like to know about all of this. They need to to be contacted.

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