The Video:Occupy Seattle v Gates Foundation – Education Policy Throwdown



From a post on Teachers’ Letters to Obama Facebook page:

Top 5 things Bill Gates has taught us about school reform:

1. No amount of money will fix failing schools unless you also address the socio-economic conditions surrounding those schools.

2. Politicians, superintendents and school leaders will happily have students and teachers used as lab rats for a few extra dollars.

3. No amount of media control and propaganda will prevent real classroom teachers from knowing the truth and trying to speak their minds.

4. Business people have no business in the business of school reform.

5. It’s not about the kids. It’s about the money.

Care to add your own?

4 thoughts on “The Video:Occupy Seattle v Gates Foundation – Education Policy Throwdown

  1. Its also about the ability to control what is being taught and who teaches it. Gates, Broad, etc. don’t want anybody questioning the curriculum or questioning the public policy decisions behind US empire building. Real critical thinking is not on the list of corporate reforms, it runs counter to their monopolistic practices.

    David Fisher

  2. Being an adult educator, I would rewrite #5 to say: “It’s not about the students. It’s about the money.”

    I would also add #6: “Injustice to one is injustice to all, and schools (i.e. charters) that exclude the mentally challenged, the linguistically challenged, the behaviorally challenged, and those who are otherwise disabled — or disadvantaged — are fundamentally inhuman and not worthy of our democracy.”

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