A hard working and dedicated Life Science and Biology Teacher at Rainier Beach High School, Louise Wong,  was awarded a $10,000 STEM grant to take 60 biology and life science students to the Olympic Peninsula to study the ever-changing ecosystem of the Elwha River.

The restoration of the Elwha River requires the largest dam removal ever in the United States. The Elwha Dam (above) is 105 ft tall and the Glines Canyon Dam further upstream is 210 ft tall.

According to Ms. Wong, “This river is an amazing place to study because 2 dams are being removed along the river which impacts the animals, fish, and the people who depend on it. This is a very unique opportunity for students to apply cross-curricular knowledge to a living system”.

Another example of the great teachers that we have in Seattle.

This is a very interesting project. More information on it can be found at Elwha River Restoration.