We were fortunate enough to select a school in California for my daughter when she started Pre-K that taught children that there was no “right way” to solve a problem whether it was math or any other subject. My daughter remained in this school until midway through middle school when we moved to a Seattle suburb. The school that  she attended had high WASL scores. The difference between the schools and methods of teaching were so strikingly different. The math was dumbed down and the students were quite adept at memorizing. My daughter struggled within this environment which was not about learning really, it was more about memorizing.

Fortunately we found Nova High School which has been a beacon to many students who for whatever reason were not indoctrinated, or at least not easily, into the one size fits all mode of “teaching” and thinking.

There are other great schools like Nova in Seattle and we must tend to these schools and support them because they are showing us the way to true innovation in terms of education.

In terms of “collaboration” an idea that Sir Robinson will cover, I noticed that my students who work in a studio environment, come alive and thrive in that setting of sharing and collaborating which reinforces in me that collaboration is one of the models to follow in education.

I’ll let you decide.

To follow is Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms.