Parents Across America on corporate interests in education: One year ago

Early last year the Founding Members of Parents Across America met in New York City for the first time together in one place to begin the task of organizing Parents Across America.

We will be celebrating our first year as an organization in March and I am thrilled to say that in the state of Washington we now have four chapters and one affiliate as well as a new chapter in Oregon.

We are growing literally everyday. People are joining via Facebook or contacting us on an individual basis just asking how to join or what they can do in their communities.

This is an exciting time for the organization. The more we grow, the more there is to share in terms of information and support. We are truly a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers and students committed to keeping public education public and strengthening our educational system.

I wanted to share with you interviews that were done last year when we all met for the first time in NYC.

You might recognize Sue Peters, Parents Across America Founding Member and Founding Co-Editor of this blog.


PAA Founding Member and Founding Co-Editor of Seattle Education

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