Press Release:

New Parents Group Supports Innovation in Schools

Parents Across America Tacoma (PAAT), a community group dedicated to strengthening our public education system, will hold its first public meeting on Wednesday, February 15, 2011. The meeting will take place at Kings Books, 218 St. Helens Ave, Tacoma, 98402.  Doors will open at 6:30pm, followed by a presentation and discussion.  An overview of the group’s mission and information on proposed education legislation will be shared.  PAAT’s priorities include: supporting Tacoma schools and building on our successes, encouraging data-proven innovation, and ensuring a just and equitable distribution of resources for all Tacoma students. The evening will focus on answering questions and discussing ways community members can get involved.

This year, charter school legislation has moved front and center in the state legislature.  This important topic deserves immediate public attention and deliberation.  PAAT believes that innovation can be achieved within our schools without inviting the risks that accompany charters.   Tacoma’s public schools have been leading the way with innovative programs which are the envy of many other districts in this state.   PAAT believes Tacoma can build on these successes and become a model for other school districts.

PAAT will provide a forum for South Sound parents, education advocates and community members who feel disillusioned with current education reform debates.  “All across the country I see the parent’s voice getting lost in this sweeping tide of education reform,” says public school parent Catherine Feeney, “we don’t need corporations coming in and telling us what is best for our kids.  WE know what is best for our kids, so why isn’t anyone asking us?” Sandi Strong explains “For the last several years, I had been looking for a group to join that is working to support and improve our public schools. I was recruited by one that came to town a few years ago claiming they were grassroots. I was excited to join, but found they were a top-down organization focused on national issues and on bringing products and services to our state. This was not what I was looking for.”

PAAT is an autonomous affiliate of Parents Across America, a nationwide network of parent-led organizations dedicated to supporting and strengthening America’s schools.  For more information about Parents Across America Tacoma, visit

Congratulations Tacoma.