This is post that is on the Parents Across America Facebook page that I wanted to share. It seems apropos at a time when several of our representatives have jumped onto the bandwagon of corporate reform of our public school system.


The market-based education reforms being pushed by the 1% are a great way to win votes, make money, and sound like you want what’s best for kids! Completely unaware of the intricacies of teaching & learning, their privileged status in society has also left them oblivious to the countless obstacles to educational success put in place by the ever-growing epidemic of poverty that hangs over our society like a dark cloud.

As they seek to blame teachers for everything that’s wrong with public education, they have also convinced a hapless public that the only way to fix our K-12 schools is to privatize them, putting them under the control of some of the same billionaire hedge-fund managers responsible for the biggest financial crisis since 1929.

Charter schools are no more effective (and often horrendously less effective) at educating children than real public schools, but they are extremely effective at segregating kids & dividing communities. The affluent enjoy smaller class sizes and state-of-the art facilities. The poor attend crowded, security-conscious institutions, undergoing daily preparation for a nearby prison (probably operated by the very same corporation as their charter school). Is this really what’s best for our nation? Think about it. Do something about it!

Dov Rosenberg

Parents Across America Facebook subscriber