This Thanksgiving, Occupy Wall Street celebrated unity and community with an open feast at Liberty Square. All members of the community broke bread together.

Thanksgiving day for me is a time of reflection. I have much to be grateful for, my health and that of my daughter’s, the opportunities afforded to me to write and a very special and unexpected treasure that when I began creating this blog never occurred to me would happen, getting to know so many people from around the country and having the opportunity to converse, share and develop friendships with people who I would otherwise have never known. That has added a richness to my life that is beyond measure and I thank each one of you for that.

I would also say that there are many of us who are elated and grateful that two of the school board challengers won their races. Peter Maier conceded to Sharon Peaslee yesterday and Marty McLaren won hands down over Sundquist. Now we will have two people on the school board who are aware of the issues and are Broad-free. Congratulations to both of them for a hard-won victory.

Have a wonderful day and know that I am grateful to all of you. Keep those cards and letters coming!