There is so much going on with the #OccupyWallStreet movement that a separate update will be posted focusing on that subject.

To follow are news items that landed in my inbox this week that require a second look.

Weekly Update: Week of October 3, 2010

So much for Arne Duncan’s Renaissance 2010 in Chicago with the firing of teachers, school closures and school turnarounds into charter schools. At least not by the measures that he likes to use to make his case for all things Race to the Top.

See: Assessments of Schools Are Flawed Report Says and Study: No real progress made in CPS grade school reading in 20 years.

Rahm Emmanuel lied. Too bad that he still became mayor of Chicago with CPS’ new Broad-trained superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard by his side.

CAN Washington is active against fighting the privatization public schools in our state. read about an action that they took at Suncadia.

See: Showdown at Suncadia

And in Portland, Maine:

At the time, Julie Fitzgerald didn’t know much about standardized testing or the laws in place that promote it. She just saw her young child crying.

“He was trying to do his math homework, which is a subject he usually enjoyed,” she recalled. “He was really struggling, and he put his head down on the counter and started to cry. He said, ‘I’m stupid.’”

Fitzgerald learned that her son, then in the second grade, had taken an assessment test that day in school and had become overwhelmed by it. A year later, she has informed Portland school officials in writing that she’s opting both of her kids, students at Hall Elementary School, out of standardized testing.

See: Portland Mom opts children out of standardized testing

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