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Week of September 4, 2011 Update

First a little humor.

Who has your child’s information?

And on that note, a previous Seattle Education post about divulging information regarding students and teachers in Seattle

Another Broad-trained superintendent bit the dust this summer…

but still got her cut of the action, almost $1M of it.

Meeting with the Mayor this Saturday in Madrona. This would be a great time to tell the mayor what you’re thinking.

And the week cannot end without a word from one of my fave bloggers, Jim Horn, on HR bill 2218 that the for profit Teach for America Wendy Kopp and her husband who happens to be CEO of KIPP charter franchise , have been working on as I suppose what will be their college fund/retirement plan, a charter school in every pot staffed by, you guessed it, TFA recruits.

Have a great weekend.