As I stated in a previous post providing my recommendation for school board candidate Kate Martin,

Just about every time I attended a school board meeting during the last school year, Kate Martin was there either speaking or intently listening. She is true to what she states as her goals and beliefs in terms of education. I admire her persistence and the consistency of her actions.

Kate Martin and family.

The good news is that Kate made it through the primary. Now the hard work has begun. Kate is running against the incumbent Sherry Carr who, along with the others in the Gang of Four, voted in lockstep with the former Broad-trained superintendent. See Seattle School Board’s Voting Record: Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.

This is the time to get active and support alternatives to what has been one debacle after another with the present school board. Below are excerpts from her newsletter:

Campaign News


We did it! I’ll be on the citywide ballot in November and Election Day is only 9 weeks away!

School board elections in Seattle are an unusual two-step process. First, you have to get elected by your district in the primary. Then you have to get elected by a citywide vote in the general election.

The top two in each district from the primary move on to the November election. I’m one of those top 2 in District 2. Yay!

With the exciting numbers from the primary where over 60% of the voters did not support my incumbent opponent, we’ve got the momentum to win, so let’s keep it going.

A big part of keeping it going, is meeting voters (the other part is raising money).

Harbor Club Happy Hour

My longtime friends and neighbors, Han and Shawn Nachtrieb, are hosting my most important fall campaign fundraiser on Thursday September 29th from 5pm – 8pm at The Harbor Club downtown. Please join us.

I hope you received an Evite or Facebook event for this. If not, just let me know: or message me on Facebook

Great company and fantastic appetizers all in a setting atop the Norton Building with spectacular views and…supporters Pete Holmes and Nick Licata will be my special guests to kick off the party, so come early (and stay late)!

Note: We need your donation! We’ve got a lean green campaign machine going here, but we do have some money to raise. If you can’t make it to the party, would you still consider sending a check or making an on-line donation? I would sure appreciate that. Thank you to all of you who have already contributed.


And Kate Martin’s calendar:


Saturday Sept 10 @ 10am:
37th District Democrats
School Board Forum
Rainier Valley Cultural Center

Saturday Sept 10 @ 1pm:
Meet the Voters
Seward Park Loop
(walk with me)

Sunday Sept 11 @ 11am:
Meet the Voters
West Seattle Farmers Market then
(walk with me)

Sunday Sept 11 @ 4pm:
Wedgwood / Viewridge
Meet me at the NE Branch Library
(walk with me)

Sept 28, 7:30pm:
The Stranger School Board Candidate Forum
Town Hall
(tickets are free, but you need a ticket)

Sept 29 @ 5pm:
Harbor Club Happy Hour for Kate’s Campaign
Harbor Club I’d LOVE to see you!