Jim Horn with Schools Matter just posted information on the PIE Network, an organization that backs the likes of Jonah Edelman.

It’s a must read.

Below is an excerpt from Jim’s post titled The Business Roundtable’s PIE: Post Partisan Corporatism at Its Most Virulent

What is PIE?  If you don’t know, you should.  They are behind pipsqueaks like Jonah Edelman and his little charade group.  They have 25 members of the PIE Network located in 18 states, and they are buying starving legislatures left and right and center.  Get to know them, and never turn your back.

The PIE [Policy Innovators in Education] Network is guided by five national education policy organizations that span the ideological spectrum, but share common commitments to education reform. These leading thinkers recognize the important work that state advocacy organizations play in moving policy to implementation. Our policy partners fuel reform on a national level, disseminate critical research that helps advocates win support, and offer guidance and expertise to network members.

The PIE Network was founded in 2007 by four leading policy organizations:The Center for American Progress, The Center for Reinventing Public Education, Education Sector, and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. . . . In 2011, the National Council on Teacher Quality became a fifth policy partner for the network.

Ah yes, remember when NCTQ came to town two years agoand started the “conversation” about “teacher effectiveness?”, and that got the ball rolling on all things ed reform in our fair city?Dora