On this 4th of July, I would like to say that there is nothing more democratic than standing up for what you believe in. I hope to see you at this event that promises to be electric.


If NEA and AFT Gave $1 Per Member to the Save Our Schools Rally

by Jim Horn, Schools Matter, July4, 2011

Millions of teachers pay hundreds of millions in union dues each year so that bosses, Dennis and Randi (along with their posses of lawyers), can sit with the Political Elites and Oligarchs as they perfect their plans to deskill and deprofessionize teaching, corporatize public schools, reduce resources by hooking children up to computers, and to generally create paper unions that serve the needs of the Oligarchs.

A great example of the doubletalk duplicity and cowardice can be found, or not found, rather, on NEA and AFT websites.  Each organization has purportedly endorsed the upcoming parent and teacher march and conference in DC July 28-31, but how would the millions of teacher members know, even if they scoured AFT’s or NEA’s websites?  Not a mention, anywhere.

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