For anyone out there who still doesn’t believe that Bill Gates is not pulling the strings in Seattle to get his way with charter schools, check out his latest donations.

Amount: $40,000 given to the League of Education Voters “to support a series of education-related speakers in Seattle”.

And who were those speakers? Kevin Johnson who spoke about how wonderful charter schools are, Richard Barth with KIPP Schools, a charter franchise, Steve Barr, founder of Green Dot Charter Schools and of course, Adam Porsch from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who moderated the discussion. Was that rigged or what?

Amount: $105,000 given to the League of Education Voters in October, 2010 “to support raising awareness of educational attainment issues in King County”.

Like…Teach for America and charter schools.

Check out their blog. It is an advertisement for all things ed reform and all things that Bill Gates thinks is best for the rest of us.

And now for the icing on the cake.

Amount: $235,000 given to Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession in October, 2010 “to develop a network of teachers in Seattle Public Schools who are informed about and actively supportive of district education reform”.
…like Teach for America, good luck with that, and charter schools that do not hire unionized teachers.
So now he is trying to buy the teachers on something that for them is self-destructive, de-professionalizing the field of teaching.

Of course now the League of Education Voters (LEV) is touting Teach for America but I’ll get back to that in another post. The irony of this is that part of the “community engagement” that Teach for America did was to meet with the League of Education Voters! Teach for America, by the way, received $1,000,000 from the Gates Foundation in 2009. So much for “community engagement” that’s required.

Now I begin to wonder what certain board members like Michael DeBell, President of the Seattle School Board, and other members of the Executive Committee are getting out of this to ram through Teach for America without going to the community, meaning the parents and students, the real stakeholders, to get their buy-in.

More to follow on that.

By the way, the Seattle Foundation was another organization that Teach for America did “community outreach” with. What a joke!
And what is the Seattle Foundation doing these days?  Having an event with Geoffrey Canada who is President and Chief Executive Officer for Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) another charter school. This school is different in the sense where all of the social services of a child are addressed. This takes a lot of money but many hedge-fund millionaires pledge their millions everyday to keep this school open.
Is this sustainable or scalable? No, but it is an example of how a child can succeed, given all of the wrap-around services necessary. It will be touted as a successful charter school but the lesson here is how a public school is expected to address all of the problems that ail our society. Unfortunately, there are never enough funds for all schools to do that successfully for our children.

For now, just know that Bill Gates is trying to buy us. He wants charter schools in our state, he wants to pull the strings and control how our children are educated. It doesn’t matter if we agree with his vision or not, he doesn’t care. He is bound and determined to get his way and will pay any price to get it.