Controversial D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee to Resign

The end of ed Rhee-form?

The Washington Post and Huffington Post are reporting that ed reform poster girl and key figure in the pro-charter, teacher-trashing “Waiting for Superman” movie by Davis Guggenheim, will announce her resignation Wednesday morning.

Known for her mass firings of teachers, dictatorial style and media-clamoring manner, the soon-to-be-former D.C. schools chancellor is also credited with disenfranchising hundreds of D.C. families and  helping her employer, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, lose his job.

Will Rhee join her fellow reformite fiance, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson in California? Or will her Broad Foundation pals help place her in another high-paying position in another unsuspecting school district somewhere on its map of conquests?

Does this amount to a serious vote of No Confidence in Rhee’s brand of top-down, arrogant and punitive ed reform?

One can only hope.

–sue p.

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